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Gino Fernandez


Gino Fernandez’s journey commenced in South Florida, where the influence of his Cuban parents developed his foundation. Raised within a family that thrived on owning and operating their own businesses, he had a flame of entrepreneurship from an early age. This flame drove him to pursue both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in accounting from Florida International University, a testament to his commitment to education and growth.

Upon completing his academic pursuits, Gino’s ambition led him to the pinnacle of the accounting field – the CPA license. This credential not only symbolized his professional excellence, but also paved the way for his entrepreneurial spirit to flourish. It was this spirit that ignited the inception of his own firm, a venture imbued with the same passion, integrity, and determination that his parents had exemplified.

Today, Gino is grateful for the sacrifices his parents made, a sentiment mirrored by the family name represented within his firm. This name serves as a tribute to their relentless dedication and support.

With over seven years of experience, Gino’s firm, established in December 2020, specializes in an array of services, ranging from accounting and tax filing to compliance, controllership solutions, and streamlined payroll management. Their client focus encompasses both small and mid-sized businesses, seeking guidance in their financial position and how to continuously grow. In a landscape of ever-evolving tax laws, Gino takes pride in guiding clients through both established frameworks and emerging opportunities.